As we continue to head into 2019 here are our top tips ensure you stay on track with those New Year’s Resolutions and have a healthy, fun filled, goal crushing year!

  1. Focus on fun! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of our busy schedules; overloaded with work and family commitments, so in 2019, make sure your free time is fun time. Great results will come out of positive experiences.
  2. Set specific goals but don’t stress if it doesn’t all work out. Setting goals is a great motivator. We love to have a challenge to work towards and what better way than picking a goal race and working towards it. Sometimes life can get in the way though – don’t worry if it doesn’t all go to plan; just know that you’ve done your best to get to that start line.
  3. Get a program in place. We offer expertly designed free training guides in the months leading up to events for the marathon; half marathon and 10km distances.
  4. Give yourself time. Zero to hero sounds great, but in practice, time on your feet and the trial of miles is what will get you across that finish line feeling your best. We recommend kicking off marathon training 16 weeks in advance of your goal race.
  5. Solo or sociable? Run training can give you the perfect opportunity for solo meditation and some peace and quiet; or the chance to join a run club; to meet new people, run, chat and share a coffee afterwards. Choose what suits you and your needs best.

And finally, be grateful every time you lace up those shoes, for the freedom to run and the new places it will take you in 2019!